Publicado por: Ricardo Shimosakai | 01/10/2012

Improving transport access for disabled people in the city

‘Try a Tram Day’ aimed to provide people from disability groups with the confidence to travel by tram.

Nottingham City Council’s Portfolio holder for Planning and Transport, Councillor Jane Urquhart, said: “NET was the first tram system in the UK to be fully accessible under the Disability Discrimination Act guidelines, and many disabled users regularly use the system because it has numerous features which have been specially designed to help them travel easily and in comfort. We also know that some disabled users who want to use public transport, don’t have the confidence to use buses and trams for the first time.

“That’s why Nottingham City Council is teaming up with public transport operators like NET, to give disabled users the chance to have guided tours of trams and buses so they can see what features and assistance is available to them.”

The Try a Tram Day is just one of a number of ways the City Council is working with its partners to improve accessibility in Nottingham. An award-winning partnership with the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) is providing a best practice approach to transport and facilitating positive changes with transport operators and other local authorities.

Florian Le Loroux, NET Marketing Manager, commented: “We’re keen to do all we can to show disabled people how easy it can be to use the tram system and how it provides a quick, convenient way of getting into the city centre.

“For those wishing to Park & Ride, there are five park and ride sites with designated disabled bays.

“What’s more, the future extension of the tram network to Clifton and Chilwell will further increase accessibility for everyone who wants to enjoy stress-free travel around the city.”

A group of blind and partially sighted people and their guide dogs, children and from Bluecoat School in Aspley, people with learning difficulties from Nottingham City Council’s Inclusive Education Service, and older people from Larkhill’s Pensioner Village in Clifton, where the tram will be extended to in 2014, attended the special Try a Tram Day.

Those attending talked with tram staff to find out more about using the special features on board the trams and at tram stops, as well as having an opportunity to try the tram out first hand.

Source: My Nottingham News 

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