Publicado por: Ricardo Shimosakai | 05/04/2013

Growing need for accessibility in tourism

Cyprus beach

CYPRIOT tour guides are being increasingly confronted with problems of accessibility for people with disabilities, to museums, archaeological sites and places of cultural interest, they said yesterday.

According to the Association of Tour Guide’s in Cyprus, there are around 50 million disabled people in Europe who would like to go on holiday but face many obstacles.

The association said it had decided to dedicate International Tourist Guide Day to more accessible tourism for people with disabilities.

It said that within the next 20 years, due to ageing populations, around 80 per cent of people in Europe would be caring for someone with mobility issues, either problems with vision, hearing and other types of disability.

“Millions of people, whether they have mobility problems or are older in age want to travel, to have fun and see new places,” the statement said. “It is a group of tourists who are travelling more and more now so general accessibility must be improved in tourist services,” it added.

The association said people with disabilities could not be attracted to Cyprus unless accessibility was improved in tourist areas. “Every link of the chain must work correctly,” it said. “Airports, hotel welcome areas, buses, cultural sites and entertainment and rest areas all must work together,” it added.

During the celebration of International Tourist Guide Day, the association also pointed out the meaning of accessible tourism.

“It is the right of every person in Cyprus to enjoy and have access to all the archaeological sites, museums and cultural places on the island,” it said. “Cypriot Tour Guides, who have the correct training and knowledge, can offer access to Cypriot Culture and the island’s archaeological treasures.”

Head of the European Network of Accessible Tourism (ENAT), Lilian Muller expressed her wish to abolish all of the hurdles that disabled people face.

“Accessible tourism is not a small, specialised market,” she said. “There has been a demographic explosion and we will all feel the result of it,” she added. “We must improve access now!” she concluded.

Source: Cyprus Mail


  1. This is likely the most informative article on this topic I’ve read lately. I agree and you’re on point. Congratulations for a job well done.

    • The information passed is reflected in our readers, so the worry of putting quality articles, so as to construct a better society and bring good results

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