Publicado por: Ricardo Shimosakai | 04/04/2014

Super Bowl XLVIII played at accessible MetLife Stadium

The match will be played at the very accessible MetLife Stadium, in New York.The match will be played at the very accessible MetLife Stadium, in New York.

The newly constructed and award winning structure easily accommodates people with disabilities.

All levels have accessible seating. All the lots have ADA placard parking spots. In Lot C a dedicated drop off area is available. If you do not have the parking permits and have parked a distance from the stadium, you can call guest services to arrange for golf cart transportation to the stadium.

If you simply need a little help to get to your seats, you can request wheelchair transportation. If, however, you need a wheelchair for the entire length of the game, you are asked to bring your own.

The Stadium has code compliant ramps available at the north and south entrances. Elevators are available at the northwest, southwest and northeast corners of the stadium, and the elevators on the east and west sides provide access the premium seating sections. Stadium personnel train for emergency preparedness procedures.

The video screens in the Stadium provide all vital game information and an assistive listening system is also available. Headsets and receivers for the system are available at no charge at Guest Relations Booths.

It is important to contact well in advance to arrange seating in an accessible section. Guest Services at MetLife Stadium are committed to making a trip to the Stadium a positive experience for all patrons.

Source: HereWeGo

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