Publicado por: Ricardo Shimosakai | 31/03/2015

2022 Winter Olympics bid: Plans for paralympic games unveiled

Hosting the Paralympic games could also change many people's livesHosting the Paralympic games could also change many people’s lives

After touring Zhangjiakou on the third day of inspections, the evaluators returned to Beijing to visit the National Convention Center where the bidding committee showed their plans to provide outstanding services and opportunity to paralympic winter sports, and to give 85 million people living with impairment in China the chance to take part in sports all year round.

The International Olympic Committee’s inspection in Beijing and Zhang jiakou continued as both cities tried hard to convince them that they are capable of holding a successfull 2022 winter Olympic games.

The Beijing Bid Committee also unveiled its plan of 2022 Beijing Paralympic Games in a press conference on Thursday.

The plan includes the venues, transportation, special training for the volunteers who will work in the during the Games , and the most importantly, the construction and perfection of barrier-free facilities in the near future.

“First all the venues and the important places should meet the requirement for the convenience of athletes with disabilities. And further more our whole city need more barrier-free facilities in the future, which is closely related to the city’s development and on behalf of the disabled people,” said Zhao Sujing, Beijing Bid Committee Dep. Secretary.

Hosting the Paralympic games could also change many people’s lives. Hou Bin, who has 3 gold medals and lit the torch in the 2008 Games, is a great example.

“If it were not for the sports, I may still be the driver in a small factory. Sports helped me to gain great experience in life,” he said.

China only had 10 athletes in last year’s Paralympic Games in Sochi, but right now with Beijing bidding, it could greatly boost the winter sports in the country and the officials believe that there definitely will be more athletes in the 2022 Winter Paralympic Games.

Source: CCTV

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