Publicado por: Ricardo Shimosakai | 12/05/2015

Gondolas4ALL. A crowdfounding to remove barriers of Venice!

An extraordinary project wants to provide access to gondolas also to people who use a wheelchair to get around.An extraordinary project wants to provide access to gondolas also to people who use a wheelchair to get around.

“We have not yet collected all the necessary money for the project, but we have made an important first stretch of path, thanks to which we are able to ensure the start of the project in the first execution phase” declare Alessandro Dalla Pietà and Enrico Greifenberg, the creators of the Onlus Gondolas4All’s project.

In recent months we have received testimonials of support and estimation, and economic contributions that allowed us to be today “at the kick off” of the project. And we want to thank all the people who were close to us in many different ways.

In primis, the Councillor for Tourism of the Veneto Region Marino Finozzi, and all his Staff (with whom we had frequent contacts), who first believed in this project, and  guaranteeing a funding of 50.000 Euros: This first testimony gave us the strength to continue to make it happen!

A further contribution of 40.000 Euros was offered by Ermitage Bel Air Medical Hotel (Abano Terme) thanks to Maggia’s Family, that work for the quality of its Guests for many years.

We want to thank the people who have lent as Testimonial giving their support to our project, like Matteo Marzotto, President of Fiera di Vicenza Spa and Corrado Facco, Director of Fiera di Vicenza Spa.

The Companies that from the beginning have been with us, ensuring all the professionalism and expertise that an innovative project like this requires:

– the Studio Architetti & Ingegneri Moro of Venice, for the design of the work;
– the Rein, for design of the jetty;
– the Fadiel Italiana, for the realization of the first platform that will make possible the boarding;
Gondolieri Traghetto Ferrovia;
– the Atman that supports us on the IT;
Village for all, that will gives the V4A® Brand to our project.

Aldo Bisacco, the filmmaker who oversaws the construction of all the video material and the communication.

Aris Prodani, the Secretary of the Tourism Commission.

Flavia Coccia, the President of the del Committee for the Promotion of Accessible Tourism.

The UILDM – Italian Union Fight against Muscular Dystrophy – , for realized the training course for all our gondoliers, to acquired the necessary skills to provide the necessary assistance to people with physical disabilities.

The SKÅL International, for helping us to give international visibility to our project.

All medias that interviewed us and supported us, to make known our project in the world, and in particular to television broadcasts as TG2 SiViaggiare and Striscia la Notizia, TV2000, RadioStonata, who have realized in-depth services.

All Bloggers who communicated our idea.

We are continuing to raise funds because the ultimate goal is not yet reached, than we again search financiers and supporters that can help us to reach the project’s overall coverage.

40.000 Euros still lacking. They shall be payable as specified on our site ,

by paying on our bank account:

IBAN IT11 K 05336 02018 000046419562
Accountholder: gondolas4all
Agenzia Friuladria 313 Zelarino,

or with Payapal:

Source: Village for all

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