Publicado por: Ricardo Shimosakai | 20/10/2015

The Flemish Coast. Accessible for all

VISITFLANDERS studied every aspect of an accessible tourist visit to Flemish coastal municipalitiesVISITFLANDERS studied every aspect of an accessible tourist visit to Flemish coastal municipalities

Westkans vzw took a closer look at the complete coastal region as commissioned by the province of West Flanders and VISITFLANDERS. Every aspect of an accessible tourist visit to our Flemish coastal municipalities was studied. The objective of this project is to allow further growth for the region into an accessible holiday destination for everyone, by means of raising awareness, analysis and policy recommendations. Many coastal municipalities and tourism facilities already take initiatives to accommodate the needs of the widest possible audience. These initiatives are summarised in the brochure.

For many local and foreign vacationers our 42 miles (or 67 km) long coastal strip is and remains the holiday destination of choice. The sandy beaches are ideal for children. During high season, life guards ensure everyone’s safety. Tourists can enjoy a healthy holiday thanks to the large quantities of salt and iodine in the Flemish sea air. You can also Wander along the dike and the boardwalks, rent a bicycle or visit one of the many coastal attractions. And enjoying a nice bite to eat creates the perfect ending to a visit to the coast.

However, our ten coastal municipalities do not just offer activities to please everyone’s taste but also to suit everyone’s needs. Slightly older tourists and holiday makers with a temporary or permanent disability or people in need of some extra comfort or care while on holiday can also enjoy a holiday at our coast with peace of mind. This brochure of VISITFLANDERS which was developed in collaboration with Westkans and the Province of West Flanders, provides these tourists with all of the necessary information in order to prepare for a visit to the coast

See the complete guide at The Flemish Coast. Accessible for all


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