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How I saw 7 states in one day

Cory Lee and his mom with Rocky, the mascot of Rock City.
Cory Lee and his mom with Rocky, the mascot of Rock City.

Tennessee. Kentucky. Virginia. North Carolina. South Carolina. Georgia. Alabama. What do all of these states have in common? They can all be seen from Chattanooga, Tennessee’s Rock City! Rock City is a Chattanooga icon and is just a short stroll down the road from my house. Surprisingly though, I haven’t visited it in about 20 years (I was 4 years old the last time) until this past weekend. Sometimes I forget about the great things that are in my own backyard, but I’m so glad that I finally visited Rock City. Rock city wheelchair accessible.

This bald eagle wasn’t too fond of me to say the least…

This bald eagle wasn’t too fond of me to say the least…

Since Rock City is at the top of a mountain, many parts of it are not wheelchair accessible. There are about 200 stairs in total, but there is a special path for wheelchair users that is stair-free. Since you can’t take part in every aspect of the attraction, there is a 25% discount for both the wheelchair user and the companion, making it just $15 per person. I think this is a decent price because you do still get to see the shows and the main attraction, Lover’s Leap.

Lover’s Leap is more than 1,700 feet above sea level and offers some of the most spectacular views in the Southeast. This is also the famous spot where you can see the 7 states that I mentioned above. It was a rather cloudy and rainy day when I visited, but the views were still amazing. There is also a cafe with tables outside so you can have a great view while you dine as well. Aside from seeing the 7 states, there is also a huge waterfall to the left where you can
see the water rushing down Lookout Mountain.

This owl was a bit nicer though.

This owl was a bit nicer though.

This Summer, there is a Birds of Prey show at Rock City and it’s a terrific chance to see some awesome birds including owls, vultures, and even our national treasure: the bald eagle. Throughout the show, the birds fly and walk through the crowd so you can get an up-close view. However, if you want an even closer view then you can meet a couple of them after the show. I got to meet an owl and the bald eagle on the day I went. I was stoked about getting up close to the bald eagle, but apparently he wasn’t too stoked about meeting me. As soon as I went up to him, he started going crazy and ended up slapping me in the face with his wings. It hurt for a second, but was pretty funny afterwards. I mean, who gets slapped by a bald eagle?! Only me…

There are a number of great attractions in the Chattanooga area, but Rock City is definitely the one with the most scenic views. And it’s also one of the only places in the world (that I know of at least) where you can see 7 states at the same time. Whether you’re a local or a first-time visitor to the area, you should plan a visit to Rock City.

Fonte: Curb free with Cory Lee

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