Publicado por: Ricardo Shimosakai | 09/09/2016

Call for tourism focus on disabled

anele-qaba-spoke-out-for-more-ser-vices-for-disabled-tourists-as-industry-players-gathered-yesterdayAnele Qaba spoke out for more ser vices for disabled tourists as industry players gathered yesterday

Accessibility for all emphasised at start of campaign

Nelson Mandela Bay needs to improve its tourism products and, in particular, access for visitors with disabilities and special needs, municipal economic development, tourism and agriculture executive director Anele Qaba said yesterday.

He was speaking at a function – co-hosted by the municipality, Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism and the Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency – on the first day of “Tourism Month” at the Tramways Building in Port Elizabeth. “Tourism For All” was the important theme for the month, Qaba said.

He questioned whether the Bay’s tourism facilities were “disabled-friendly”.

“If not, we need to encourage all of our tourism stakeholders to provide platforms that promote access by those abled differently, ” he said.

“Can all of our tour guides communicate with people abled differently? For example, can they all use sign language for those visitors who can’t hear?”

Qaba turned to Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism head Mandlakazi Skefile and asked: “Do we have some of our brochures in braille for those visitors who can’t see?”

“We have a huge task at hand to create this desired approach to tourism anchored on creating full access by all into the tourism mainstream.”

“It is important that we create an environment that caters for people who are abled differently and those having special needs. ”

“This is not just a human rights issue, but an excellent tourism opportunity.”

Mayoral committee economic development, tourism and agriculture head Andrew Whitfield agreed that restricted access to the disabled was a critical shortcoming.

In addition, affordability and accessibility went hand in hand, and travel remained a prohibitive cost for many South Africans.

But Whitfield said the region had the makings of a worldclass tourism destination and “Nelson Mandela Bay is a fun, family-friendly and affordable destination for all”.

Source: Herald Live

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