Publicado por: Ricardo Shimosakai | 30/11/2016

Cyprus seeks to improve tourism facilities for disabled visitors

free-sunbeds-for-disabled-in-ayia-napaFree sunbeds for disabled in Ayia Napa

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation considers that Cyprus, which is undoubtedly a successful, quality tourism destination, has made significant progress in recent years on the accessibility of its tourist product, adding however that it is generally accepted that there is also significant room for improvement to reach the levels everyone wishes.

In a press release on the occasion of τhe International Tourism Day for 2016, CTO assures of it supports in practice and on various levels the effort to develop and promote accessible tourism.

In this regard it has launched a subsidy scheme, it has organised workshops and has submitted proposals in the context of Cyprus` planning generally for people with disability. It has also drafted a booklet on the standard guidelines for the correct adjustment and review of hotel businesses accessibility and a guidebook for people with disabilities.

Between 2010 and 2016 six automated mechanisms (Seatrac) for the access to the sea were funded, as well as the construction of 10 wooden or plastic accessibility corridors, the purchase of six beach wheel chairs, one chair lift and in beaches with difficult access metal staircases were placed.

In a written statement, the Cyprus Hotel Association President Haris Loizides also points out that, “despite significant progress in this field over recent years, it is imperative that this improvement continues through a comprehensive, long-term strategy, as a lot of work still needs to be done to fully satisfy the needs of this specialised group of tourists.”

“On the occasion of World Tourism Day, I would like to stress that tourism has always been the steam engine of the Cyprus economy,” he notes.

According to Loizides tourism “continues today to be perhaps the biggest source of revenue, supporting many sectors of economic activity and offering thousands of jobs.”

The sector’s contribution to GDP is in the range of 12% and is rising, he adds. He further points out that “nothing should be taken for granted.”

To the contrary, he notes, “given the huge potential, the sector’s strong performance creates additional responsibilities to deliver better results and to extend the tourist season.”

Source: Famagusta Gazette


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