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Accessible tourism in Seville without architectural barriers for people with disabilities

antonio-hierro-has-seen-the-world-from-his-wheelchair-as-a-professional-soldier-a-car-accident-during-a-peace-mission-in-bosnia-left-him-with-limited-mobilityAntonio Hierro has seen the world from his wheelchair. As a professional soldier, a car accident during a peace mission in Bosnia left him with limited mobility.

Seville, Andalusia´s capital, is a city of operatic passion and romance. It is 550 Km (342 miles) southwest of Madrid and 217 Km (135 miles) northwest of Malaga. Unlike most Spanish cities, it has fared well under most of its conquerors – The Romans, the Arabs, and Christians– in part because its people chose to embrace rather than fight them. Much of the pleasure of strolling Seville – as with all of Andalusia – isnt necessarily in visiting specific museums or sites, but rather in kicking back over a very long lunch and embracing the city´s beauty on your own time and pace.

It is worth strolling along Calle Betis in Triana, the west bank of the Guadalquivir between the San Telmo and Isabella II bridges, where the bars and cafés come alive on summer evenings. It was this river that brought enormous wealth to the city 500 years ago when Columbus docked here on his return from the Americas, and Seville became the port of entry for all future riches from the New World and one of the most prosperous cities in Europe.

The vast gothic Cathedral and the Moorish palace complex of Los Reales Alcazares are Seville’s two standout sights. The Palacio de Lebrija (which is also home to an interesting little museum), the Casa de Pilatos (a stunning Renaissance/Mudejar affair) or the Museo de Bellas Artes, which houses a collection of fabulous religious paintings from the likes of Velazquez, Murillo and Goya in a gorgeous old convent, are all a must see in the beautiful Seville

Source: Accessible Spain Travel

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