Publicado por: Ricardo Shimosakai | 24/02/2017

The top locations in London for disabled travellers

if-youre-planning-on-venturing-out-to-london-with-someone-who-needs-wheelchair-access-we-have-a-series-of-attractions-worth-consideringIf you’re planning on venturing out to London with someone who needs wheelchair access, we have a series of attractions worth considering.

After all, not all attractions accommodate disabled visitors in the same way. Naturally, there are some that are just going to be out of range for a lot of travellers. Thankfully, London is a place that’s open to all cultures and people; and that’s reflected in many of the attractions facilities and extra services.

London continues to improve its accessibility across many of its transport services. London taxi tours, the original tour’s buses, and the London Walks’ tours are all wheelchair user accessible. The city cruises boats, who offer whirlwind adventures along the river bank, are also available for wheelchair users.

And the same goes for the accommodations; the Park Grand London Hyde Park Hotel is a prime example of this with its 24-hour room service, concierge, and an in-house restaurant. The hotel is found just a 6 minute walk away from Paddington station too; making it easy for travellers to walk around central London. Besides, with the Paddington found nearby, guests can take high speed express rail links and get to Heathrow in just 15 minutes.

Interestingly, the guide tours and talks from the Tower of London, the National Portrait Gallery, and the science museum – are given in British sign language.

Although St Cathedrals has two entrances accessed by 24 steps, you will find direct access to the upper floors via the lift. The British Museum is also similar and offers free access to disabled travellers. The beautiful Kensington Palace allows for physical accessibility from Kensington gardens to the palace, and there is lift access to all floors. And the Accommodation Hyde Park London nearby is the best in terms of location and luxury.

Leave your hesitations about travelling with someone who needs wheelchair access behind. The truth is, London is one of the best places to venture to if you’re looking to experience a great holiday with someone who needs wheelchair access. Whatever the conditions we have, whether they mental, physical, or psychological, if anything – travelling to a new country is only going to help us. After all, a new environment can invigorate us with new inspiration, ideas, and bring a certain vibrancy back to our lives.

Source: Park Grand

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