Publicado por: Ricardo Shimosakai | 04/04/2017

New website described as TripAdvisor for disabled people

The website hopes to make customers out of those with disabilities

If you wanted to find out how good that store is down the road, there’s a bunch of apps and websites that could help you out. 

But what about if you have a disability and you need to find out if they have the right facilities?

Well, there’s now a website that has been created specifically for people with disabilities, so that they too have a strong consumer voice.

Dubbed the ‘TripAdvisor for disability support services’, the new site, called Clickability, works as an online directory that allows local disability care and support options to be listed, rated and reviewed.

Created by two women in Melbourne, Australia, the website hopes to make customers out of those with disabilities.

Jenna Moffat and Beecher Kelk, who started the site after a pilot programme in 2014, say they want to empower people to pick and choose what works for them, rather than simply accepting what’s already out there.

They came up with the idea while working as social workers, after noticing that they kept having to reach out to their professional networks or use Google to find support networks for clients.

Jenna Moffat and Beecher Kelk started the site after a pilot programme in 2014 and now hope to make it Nationwide

Beecher Kelk told Startup Smart: ‘We were gatekeeping so much information, I was literally calling people I did my Masters with to ask about homelessness services, for example, or domestic violence services.’

Clickability places information on disability services in one place.

Since starting in 2014, it has expanded to cover the rest of Victoria and New South Wales and now plans to expand nationwide.

A key point about the startup is that its mission aligns with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), a significant social welfare project for people living with disabilities being rolled out by the Australian government.

Beecher Kelk added: ‘We just saw this huge gap there in terms of consumer rights … In this industry, that’s a gap in human rights as well.’

Under the NDIS, support services will have to see people with disabilities as customers, she explained.

That’s where Clickability steps in – by allowing service providers to subscribe to the website.

To list and rate services will be free (they’ve already got more than 1,000) but by subscribing, users will be able to reply to comments and personalise their page, among other features.

The pair are now working on the project full-time, with the help of volunteer staff.

Beecher Kelk said: ‘The big thing for us is how do we make this accessible for people with intellectual disabilities?’

Source: Metro

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